2 Weeks to Go!

Hey guys, we’ve got two weeks until we start Cross season. Be ready to go. Make sure your on-line forms are completed and your medical form or alternate medical form is handed in. You can’t practice without these things being done. We will meet at 8:00am on Monday Aug.15 next to the Tennis Courts. Come prepared to run – shoes, shorts, shirt and water bottle. Summer running will continue for the next two weeks. I’m loking forward to seeing everyone.

Terrific End to a Fine Season

Boys run to 7’TH place finish in State Championships. We were top team from Big 8 and top team from the area. Regents were youngest team at the meet. Lead in team places by Zach Temple (20 and # 3 sophomore in the meet),Eli Pettit (35 and #5 sophomore in the meet), Paul Treiber (44), Liam Culp (59 and # 2 freshman in the meet), Jonah Simonson (73). Congrats to all!!

Going on to State Meet!

The team finishes 2’ND at Sectionals to qualify for the State Championship. 1 point difference sends the boys to Wisconsin Rapids. Zach Temple (4), Eli Pettit (15), Paul Treiber (17), Liam Culp (21), Truman White (25), Harrison Glazer (26), Jonah Simonson (31) all contribute to team success.

State Meet tickets must be purchased on-line ahead of time. Go to this site for tickets.

What a Day at Sheehan Park in Sun Prairie!

Boys win all 3 team races at Big 8 Conference Championships. Varsity tops the field lead by Zach Temple (4), Paul Treiber (6), Eli Pettit (11), Liam Culp (12), and Truman White (19). Joe Valley is overall winner in JV1 race followed by Will Simonson (2), Braden Valentine (3), Jameson Smith (15), and Enzo Nicholas (21). JV 2 scores dominant win lead by Grant Shadman (2), Ben Collins (3), Basil Keck (5), Peter Engel (6), and Sam Stanton (9). Great racing by entire team. Well done and CONGRATS!

Outstanding Day at Madison City Championships

Both Varsity and JV were victorious at the All City Meet today at Lunney Lake Farm Park. The Varsity’s 35 point total was lead by Zach Temple (3), Paul Treiber (4), Eli Pettit (6), Harrison Glazer (10), and Liam Culp (12). Truman White (14), and Joe Valley (17), finished ahead of other teams’ scoring 5, helping to ensure the win. The JV won with 34 points, a 2 point margin of victory. JV scorers included Will Simonson (3), Braden Valentine (5), Jameson Smith (6), Jack Reiser (9), and Enzo Nicholas (11). The 2 point margin was enhanced when Grant Shadman (12) and Alex Ivey (14) finished ahead of the #5 runner for the second place team. A solid day of racing for the whole team. Special thanks to all of the parents who volunteered to help us run a successful meet. You guys are great!