2021 Results




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Glenn Herold Invite 8/28 Watertown H.S. 2’ND w/55 Points

Verona Invite 9/4 Verona H.S. Varsity 3’RD w/137 Points
JV 1’ST w/27 Points
Madison West Invite 9/11 Lunney Lake Farm Park Varsity 2’ND w/53 Points
JV 1’ST w/28 Points
Big 8 Grade Level 9/14 Verona H.S. 3’RD w/31 Points
Waukesha South Invite 9/18 Minooka Park Varsity 2’ND w/72 Points
JV 1’ST w/33 Points
Midwest Invite 9/25 Blackhawk G.C. Janesville Varsity 10’TH w/354 Points
JV Blue 2’ND w/ 79 Points
JV White 1’ST w/51 Points
Eagle Invite 10/2 UW Parkside Varsity 1’ST w/42 Points
JV 1’ST w/36 Points
Madison City Championship 10/8 Lunney Lake Farm Park Varsity 1’ST w/35 points
JV 1’ST w/34 points
Big 8 Conference 10/16 Sheehan Park Sun Prairie Varsity 1’ST w/52 Points
JV1 1’ST w/42 Points
JV2 1’ST w/25 Points
#Sectional 10/23 2’ND w/82 Points
##State Meet 10/30 Ridges G.C. Wisconsin Rapids 7’TH w/231 Points

# Indicates Varsity only
## Indicates Team Must Qualify at Sectionals to Run at State Meet
Bold Indicates West Host

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