1'ST w/130

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Schedule/Results 2017





Glenn Herold Invite Aug. 26 Watertown HS 1'ST w/29 Points
Verona Invite Sept. 2 Verona HS

Varsity 1'ST w/65 Points
JV 1'ST w/39 Points

Madison West Invite Sept. 9 Lake Farm County Park Varsity 1'ST w/25 Points
JV 1'ST w/19 Points
Grade Level Challenge Sept. 12 Lake Farm County Park 2'ND w/31 Points
Milwaukee Marquette Invite Sept. 16 Washington Park -Milwaukee Varsity 1'ST w/ 23 Points
JV 1'ST w/21 Points
Frosh 1'ST w/45 Points
Midwest Invite Sept. 23 Blackhawk GC - Janesville Varsity 17'TH w/465 Points
Fosh/Soph 4'TH w/193 Points
Roy Griak Invitational # Sept. 23 University of Minnesota Golf Course 8'TH w/297 Points


Eagle Invite Sept. 30 UW Parkside Varsity 3'RD w/76 Points
JV 2'ND w/54 Points
City Championship Oct. 6 Lake Farm County Park Varsity 1'ST w/ 27 Points
JV 2'ND w/30 Points
Conference Championship Oct. 14 Lake Farm County Park Varsity 2'ND w/64 Points
JV1 2'ND w/51 Points
JV2 1'ST w/24 Points
Sectionals # Oct. 21 DeForest Cty. V and US 51 2'ND w/50 Points
State Championship # * Oct. 28 Ridges GC Wisconsin Rapids 6'TH w/212 Points


#Indicates Varsity only, *State Meet depends on qualification

Bold Indicates West As Host

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